Peptidomics Workflow

Measure Soluble Peptide Profile or Specific Peptides in Body Fluids

Peptidomics is the study of soluble native peptides and small proteins found in body fluids, primarily blood plasma and CSF. Invaluable information can be gleaned from measurement of these numerous soluble polypeptides, many of which are signaling molecules such as cytokines, growth factors and peptide hormones. There are also a multitude of other small protein and peptide fragments, many with undetermined function and many resulting from disease-specific proteolytic cleavage of other circulating proteins or cell surface associated proteins. These soluble fragments can provide a wealth of information about disease state, drug efficacy or toxicity and because the peptidomics method removes >99% of hyper-abundant proteins prior to analysis it has unrivalled sensitivity in biomarker discovery.

PS Biomarker ServicesTM Peptidomics workflow utilizes liquid chromatography separation coupled with TMT mass spectrometry (LC-MS), and is optimized for analysis of peptide content in human plasma samples. As native soluble small peptides are being measured, no trypsin digestion is required prior to analysis. 

Advantages of a LC-MS Peptidomics Workflow Approach:

  • Does not require antibodies – antibodies extremely difficult to raise against small peptides <10kDa
  • Unambiguous peptide ID & measurement – accuracy and reproducibility of MS for small peptides much greater compared to other assay technologies
  • Significant peptide sample enrichment – greater than 99% of protein mass is removed by size exclusion chromatography prior to analysis
  • Rapid development of multiplexed assays – shorter development time for higher content results compared to immunoassays
  • No quenching interference – compared to immunoassay approach


Applications of a Peptidomics Workflow Approach:

  • Target Discovery/Validation – identify and validate potential new drugable targets
  • Off-target effects – monitor for non-specific and undesired drug off-target effects of drugs e.g. protease
  • Patient stratification – circulating peptide profile indicates suitability for clinical study
  • Sample QC - break-down products of peptides indicate sample quality


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