Sample Profiling & Protein Separation

Highest Standard of Protein Separation Techniques Available

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Proteome Sciences uses the very latest and highest standard of protein separation techniques available for profiling of samples prior to biomarker identification. We provide a choice of either a Peptidomics (suitable for small proteins and endogenous peptides) or Proteomics (suitable for larger proteins and fragments) work flow for analysis of samples at our ISO 9001:2008 accredited testing facility.

PS Techniques Available

  • Option of labeled or label-free sample separation
  • Labeling of samples with isotopic or isobaric TMT® tags prior to MS analysis
  • Isobaric protein-level labeling even for plasma
  • Enrichment of membrane and nuclear protein prior to separation
  • Post-translational modification specific chromatography e.g. TiO2 and IMAC
  • 1 and 2-D gel electrophoresis
  • Multi-dimensional liquid chromatography (LC) with micro- and nano-flow
  • Separation protocols for either peptides or proteins
  • Immunoprecipitation for targeted analysis of protein modifications

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We offer expert consulting with our scientific staff to determine the optimal customized work plan for your specific biomarker studies.

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