Tandem Mass Tags

Tandem Mass Tag® (TMT®) Protein and Peptide Labeling

Proteome Sciences has a long and successful track record in discovering, validating and implementing biomarkers in many different sample types and across a diverse range of indications. At the heart of our approach is the use of the very latest and most sensitive mass spectrometry instrumentation and techniques, coupled with our own proprietary Tandem Mass Tag® that allow tighter control on analytical variability and rapid development of mass spectrometry assays for biomarker validation. TMT® works like a car tracker system but only to monitor proteins and peptides. 

TMT® protein labeling reagents and kits are commercially available exclusively from Thermo Scientific on the Life Technologies website, and enable isobaric labeling of proteins extracted from cells, tissues and other biological samples for multiplexed quantitative measurement by mass spectrometry.