Placing & Subscription of 66,258,100 Shares & General Meeting Notice

October 31, 2016

Notice of a General Meeting of Proteome Sciences Plc, to be held at the offices of finnCap, 60 New Broad Street, London, EC2M 1JJ at 10 a.m. on 29 November 2016, is set out at the end of this document. The Form of Proxy for use at the General Meeting accompanies this document and, to be valid, should be completed, signed and returned in accordance with the instructions set out thereon as soon as possible but, in any event, so as to reach the Company’s registrars, Capita Asset Services by no later than 10 a.m. on 25 November 2016 (or, if the General Meeting is adjourned, 48 hours before the time fixed for the adjourned meeting). Completion and return of a Form of Proxy will not prevent a Shareholder from attending the General Meeting and voting in person. Proxy Form.

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