Multiplexing of Tryptophan and its Metabolites

Multiplexing of Tryptophan and its Metabolites for Patient Stratification and Monitoring in Immuno-Oncology, Neurology and Inflamatory Diseases

An imbalance in tryptophan (Trp) metabolites is associated with numerous diseases such as oncology, neurological and inflammatory disorders. Therefore, analytical methods allowing for simultaneous quantification of tryptophan and its major metabolites would be highly desirable, as these may be valuable as biomarkers in disease based research and clinical trials and as patient stratification markers in clinical trial selection.

Disease areas

  • Immuno Oncology
  • Neurological
  • Inflammation and Auto Immunity
At Proteome Sciences we are looking at commercialising this technique and offering it as a CRO based service.   Right now the technique is under internal development, but we plan a commercial launch later this year.  
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