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Proteome Sciences plc is a global leader in Mass Spectrometry based proteomics. We have over 25 years’ experience in generating and analysing mass spectrometry proteomic data. We developed and now solely manufacture Tandem Mass Tags (TMT) which are used by proteomic groups globally to provide the most accurate quantitative proteomics datasets. We are the only global based service provider offering TMTpro 18plex tags in our workflows. TMT’s provide greater analytical consistency and importantly allows inclusion of a common reference sample to normalise data between batches in large cohort studies. A range of pre-analytical and in-process quality control tests ensure optimum performance and identifies any drivers of technical variance prior to analysis.

Our Computational Proteomics modules are based on industry-standard software for peptide sequence assignment and localisation of post-translational modifications. We also provide bespoke searching strategies to improve the efficiency of identification of multiple post-translational modifications that regulate key biological processes.

We have developed one of the most advanced set of bioinformatics tools for proteomic data analysis with thresholds based on the study data distribution rather than arbitrary selection. Data pre-processing, normalisation and modelling is performed with rigorous attention to detail. All software has been quality controlled and undergoes routine computer systems validation prior to release. Data logs are kept for all processes and all inputs and outputs are stored for retrospective analysis as required. As a result we produce the highest quality proteomics data currently available.

Workflows that are based on our services are divided into five key areas;

  • Incoming sample receipt and QC
  • protein extraction, peptide generation and TMT peptide labelling (where applicable)
  • advanced high resolution TMT based mass spectrometry
  • detailed computational proteomic analysis and comprehensive bioinformatics included in the cost of the analysis
  • a comprehensive report concludes the project. An example service report is here. Mass spectrometric raw data from the analysis and bioinformatics is included in Excel based QuantSheet

Mass Spectrometric based raw and processed data from

Application Service Description
Fluid Biomarker Unbiased Discovery TMT Super Depletion
Highest level of abundant protein depletion
Highest sample multiplexing – TMTpro 18-plex
From 10 to 100+ samples
Tissue-enhanced low abundance fluid proteomics
Most accurate MS3-based quantification
Disease Profiling and Target Discovery SysQuant

Enriched PTM proteomics

  • phosphorylation
  • acetylation
  • methylation
  • hydroxylation
  • ubiquitylation
  • glycosylation

Highest sample multiplexing – TMTpro 18-plex
Most accurate LC-MS3 based quantification

Target Engagement and Mechanism of Action Analysis SysQuant
PRM/SRM Targeted Assays
Enriched PTM proteomics
Highest sample multiplexing – TMTpro 18-plex
Most accurate MS3-based quantification
Routine Biomarker Assays PRM/SRM Targeted Assays Rapid assay set up
High sensitivity and specificity
Multiple protein readout in one assay (multiplex)
Validated to GCLP
Biotherapeutic Manufacturing TMT LC-MS2
Label-free quantification
PAGE/Western blot/ELISA
Bespoke analytical services
Data Analysis / Bioinformatics DIANA
Data normalisation & integration
Exploratory analysis
Linear modelling
Functional enrichment

A general article published in the July 2019 edition of EBR magazine that describes our company and services can be found here. Proteome Sciences plc Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomics

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