SRM Assay

Absolute Biomarker Quantitation by Mass Spectrometry

Development of Validated Absolute Quantitative Assays for Multi-protein Biomarker Panels

Modern proteomic biomarker discovery generally produces a panel of 5 - 50 candidates that require further qualification in a larger cohort of samples. In this context the biomarkers are usually tryptic peptides and replication studies often use antibodies against the parent protein. Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) is a multiplexed, targeted mass spectrometry assay format for the routine measurement of biomarkers that is particularly suited to monitoring candidates that do not have validated commercially available antibodies especially post-translational modifications. Our SRM assay development service produces bespoke assay panels with defined performance characteristics that are suitable for routine use in large study cohorts. Our expert team will guide you in the best workflow for your biomarker candidates, including selection of proteotypic peptides and optimization of sample preparation where appropriate.         

The SRM Assay Development Process:  
Phase 1 Selection of proteotypic peptides
Phase 2 Ordering AQUA peptides (if required)
Phase 3 SRM assay development and validation
Phase 4 Optimization of sample preparation (if required)
Phase 5 Biomarker qualification in small cohort
Phase 6 Biomarker validation in larger cohort 

The SRM Assay Development Offers:

Assay Development Services Include

  • Selection of proteotyic peptides by our expert team, usually from empirical data
  • Ordering of AQUA peptides from our recommended supplier
  • TSQ Triple Quadapole Vantage Mass Spectrometry
  • Optimization of sample preparation workflow where appropriate.
  • Pre-determined sample collection, processing and shipment protocols
  • Comprehensive report including SRM method, assay performance characteristics and biomarker validation results