Bioinformatics Package

Proteome Sciences Bioinformatics Package: Dedicated Tools for TMT/TMTpro and Label-free Data Analysis 

As the originators of TMT and TMTpro reagents we have developed dedicated bioinformatics tools to improve data integration, select regulated features and map to biological processes.  The Bioinformatics described below are included in our standard TMT/TMTpro-based LC-MS2, LC-MS3, SysQuant and TMTcalibrator workflow packages. We use similar approaches for analysis of label-free data.

Proteomics experiments generate very large, multidimensional datasets and subsequent processing must be planned, executed and analysed with care to ensure the most accurate and relevant biological knowledge can be obtained.

Taking a modular approach allows clients to enter and exit the pipeline at any stage, while ensuring seamless integration of each module. Our team of qualified and experienced scientists, bioinformaticians and biostatisticians will work with you throughout the project to provide a comprehensive service – from initial study design and planning through actionable interpretation of your results.


Please contact us for an example copy of our final analysis comprehensive Bioinformatic report.

Data can be re-mined by our team in the future to look for new proteins, new PTM’s (phosphorylation, acetylation, glycosylation, ubiquitination, oxidation etc.), modified peptides, presence of unusual amino-acids etc.

Our Proteomic Services include comprehensive Computational Proteomics and Bioinformatics analysis and extensive reporting

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