Determine the Proteome from a Single Cell

Determine the Proteome from a Single Cell.

Single Cell Proteomics (SCP) is increasingly becoming a topic of major interest and this is reflected in the increasing number of literature references in the past 12 to 24 months. Recent advances in cell sorting and mass spectrometry have made it possible to measure changes in protein expression between individual cells without the need for antibody staining. We have balanced the challenges of cutting-edge performance and consistency of performance to deliver one of the first commercial services for mass spectrometry-based single cell proteomics – SysQuant® SCP.

You can now match actual changes in protein expression with other single cell 'omic data to expand the multi-omics aspects of your research projects. This can reveal more actionable targets and deliver new biomarkers to deal with cell and tissue heterogeneity in drug development and personalized medicine. In each study we can detect 1,000 – 1,500 proteins in each of 576 cells (based on HeLa cells) using dedicated cell sorting and on-board lysis and labelling with our TMTpro reagents and extensive mass spectrometric analysis. 

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