How to Discuss a Project and Ship Samples to Proteome Sciences

When you have a project that requires proteomic analysis, please email us at or leave a message here.

We will contact you as soon as possible to set up a web based conference call to discuss your project in detail, usually with our Chief Scientific Officer.  This can be done under a non-disclosure agreement if required.  Following this discussion we will draft a comprehensive Statement of Work (SoW) itemising the analytical processes in a series of Work Packages.  We will also define both price and the delivery times we would expect to take to complete the project.  

If your organisation has not used our services before, we can agree and sign a Master Services Agreement (MSA) or Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) before samples are shipped.  We can email draft versions of both if this helps.

After several edits by both parties we can use this document as the project summary, or it can be incorporated into the agreed MSA as a work order.

Once terms are agreed we can supply best practise shipping instructions to ensure your samples are received in our laboratories in a timely and safe manner.   

  1. For shipping instructions please click here
  2. For the sample manifest sheet please click here
  3. Samples preparation guidelines
    1. Sample lysis protocol; cell pellets.  Please click here
    2. Sample lysis protocol; adherent cell / soft tissue.  Please click here
    3. Sample lysis protocol; hard tissue.  Please click here