Sample Analysis and Reporting

Once samples are received we will perform an incoming sample quality control, and report the results back to you.  This usually includes a protein concentration measurment and a gel.  This will check there is sufficient protein content for a successful analysis.  At this stage the project will be booked into our schedule and a start and estimated completion date is confirmed with you.

Usually the assigned Analytical Project Manager will provide bi-weekly emails advising you on the status of your project as it moves through sample preparation, mass spectrometry, computational proteomics, bioinformatincs and finally report writing. 

After submission of the final report and requested data, we will schedule a further web based call to discuss the results, and, if required, a training session to take you through the full protein, peptide and if applicable post translational modifications data we have supplied via Excel based QuantSheets.

Contact us for an example copy of our final analysis report.