TMT based SRM Assay

Development Services

The Fast Route to Biomarker Panel Validation

Seamless transition from TMT Enabled Biomarker Discovery to Validation Particularly Suited to Panels Including Modified Peptides

TMT SRM is a targeted assay format that enables the rapid validation of biomarker candidates and is both faster and less expensive than other approaches. Particularly suited to candidates identified in TMT Discovery workflows, TMT SRM enables the routine measurement of panels of between 5 and 50 proteins in a range of body fluids (plasma, CSF) and cell culture supernatants. Our TMT SRM assay development service produces bespoke assay panels with defined performance characteristics that are suitable for routine use in large study cohorts.

The TMT SRM Assay Development Process  
Phase 1 Selection of proteotypic peptides
Phase 2 TMT SRM assay development and validation
Phase 3 Biomarker qualification in small cohort
Phase 4 Biomarker validation in a larger cohort

TMT SRM Offers:

Assay Development Services Include 

  • Selection of proteotypic peptides by our expert team, usually from empirical data
  • Isotopic TMT and TSQ™ Vantage Mass Spectrometry
  • Generation of a suitable reference sample
  • Pre-determined sample collection, processing and shipment protocols
  • Comprehensive report including TMT SRM method, assay performance characteristics and biomarker validation results