Notification of Interests in Shares

Last Updated 4 October 2022

(a) Directors and their interests

Name of Director Number of Ordinary
Shares of 1p each
Percent of current
issued share capital
C.D.J. Pearce 36,915,059  12.53
Dr I Pike 165,583  0.05
Roger McDowell 3,400,000  1.15
Martin Diggle*
Richard Dennis 625,000 0.21

(b) Significant Shareholders 

Name of Shareholder Number of Ordinary
Shares of 1p each
Percent of Current
issued share capital 
Vulpes Life Science Fund 67,475,006 22.86


-The current issued share capital of the company consists of 295,182,056 Ordinary shares of 1p each. There are 36.8% of AIM securities not in public hands.

-M.Diggle is a director and partner in Vulpes Investment Management and manages the Vulpes Life Sciences Fund which is the registered holder of 22.86% of Proteome Sciences' ordinary share capital as noted above.