Notification of Interests in Shares

Last Updated 14 February 2024

(a) Directors and their interests

Name of Director Number of Ordinary
Shares of 1p each
Percent of current
issued share capital
C.D.J. Pearce 36,915,059  12.51
Dr I Pike 165,583  0.06
Roger McDowell 3,400,000  1.15
Martin Diggle*
Richard Dennis 625,000 0.21

(b) Significant Shareholders 

Name of Shareholder Number of Ordinary
Shares of 1p each
Percent of Current
issued share capital 
Vulpes Life Science Fund 67,789,772 22.97


-The current issued share capital of the company consists of 295,182,056 Ordinary shares of 1p each. There are 36.8% of AIM securities not in public hands.

-M.Diggle is a director and partner in Vulpes Investment Management and manages the Vulpes Life Sciences Fund which is the registered holder of 22.97% of Proteome Sciences' ordinary share capital as noted above.