Drug Development

Deeper Systems Profiling

Proteomics Taking you Beyond The Genome

Mapping protein expression and modifications that define biological processes to improve research outcomes
Developing drugs in the post-genomic era faces new challenges to enable faster regulatory approval and development of precision medicine. Proteome Sciences has developed an analytical proteomic pipeline to provide broad biological context of targets and drug mechanisms based on unbiased analysis of protein expression and phosphorylation (SysQuant), statistical data modeling (FeaST) and a novel functional analysis tool (FAT). SysQuant® proteomics is the perfect tool to support smarter target discovery and validation, characterization of disease models and determination of complete mechanisms of action.

 Technology Selector  
I am interested in seeing changes in protein phosphorylation and global expression levels SysQuant
I am only interested in global protein expression levels with the widest coverage TMT LC-MS2
I am only interested in global protein expression levels with the highest quantitative accuracy TMT LC-MS3

Protein expression and regulation of pathway activity cannot be inferred from genomic or transcriptomic data but hold the key in understanding how new agents affect their targets and wider disease biology. Our specialized proteomics workflows can be applied across all aspects of drug development to deliver deeper insights, discover biomarker candidates and enable better decision making.

Project Objective Study Design Our Solution
Identify New Drug Targets Proteomic analysis of frozen tissue or cell lines from human disease SysQuant
Validate Drug Targets Proteomic analysis of tissue or cells where target is interdicted by gene silencing (functional genomics) SysQuant
Characterize Experimental Models Comparison of proteomic profiles from model tissue and human disease samples SysQuant
Fully Explain Mechanism of Action Monitor protein expression and phosphorylation to reveal changes in pathway activity in dose-dependent manner SysQuant
Select Patients for Clinical Trial (oncology) Monitoring tissue samples to demonstrate activity of target and pathways that modulate response SysQuant
Translate biology into Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers Tissue-enhanced biomarker discovery in peripheral fluids TMTcalibrator