Biomarker Discovery

Measuring Proteins For Better Medicines

Specialized services to enhance discovery and validation of mechanistic biomarkers in peripheral fluids.
Precision Medicine requires close integration between targeted drugs and biomarkers providing early and actionable clinical information. Ideally, such biomarkers are mechanistically related to disease and treatment mechanisms, predictive of outcome and measurable in accessible samples, typically body fluids.

For new biomarker discovery we have two key technologies to improve your chances of finding the most useful proteins in your sample matrix of choice. TMTcalibrator  combines protein and fluid proteomics to identify tissue proteins with evidenced availability for peripheral detection. If you only have fluid samples, using TMT LC-MS3 with abundant protein depletion improves quantitative accuracy over other proteomics methods. Irrespective of the analytical method, our suite of bioinformatics tools simplify discovery of new biomarker candidates.

If you already have candidate biomarkers at the protein or peptide level please visit our Assay Development page to learn more about our range of targeted mass spectrometry solutions. 

Biomarker Services Selector
Our Solution
I want to discover fluid biomarkers with direct role in disease TMTcalibrator
I want to discover early diagnostic biomarkers in a body fluid TMTcalibrator
I want to discover patient stratification markers in a body fluid but don’t have tissue TMT LC-MS3
I want to discover tissue biomarkers for histology
I want to validate candidate biomarkers from proteomics discovery projects
I want to routinely measure 5-50 protein biomarkers in tissue or fluid
I want to translate biomarkers from a model system to humans

To aid selection of the right tool for your particular challenge we have set out the different classes of biomarker you may need, their intended use and our recommended service product.


Type of Biomarker Intended Use Our Solution
Early diagnosis
Differentiation of disease sub-types
SysQuant (tissue markers)
Predicting disease progression
Guiding treatment selection
SysQuant (tissue markers)
Patient selection for trial enrolment
Guiding treatment selection
SysQuant (tissue markers)
Pharmacodynamic Monitoring of efficacy TMTcalibrator
Already have protein candidates Validation in larger cohorts TMTLC- SRM